President - John Truong
Secretary - Jaimie Birk
Treasurer - John Truong

USGA Rules apply to the play of the game, as well as the following rules.


Replace divots.

Repair ball marks.

Rake traps.

Keep carts off tees and 10 yards from greens.

Keep pace with group ahead of you.


A total of 19 points are awarded during a match:

LOW TEAM HOLE NET wins HOLE 9 Points/Match
LOW TOTAL NET for the ROUND 1 Point
ATTENDANCE   2 Points/Player


Individual Points A point is awarded for a net score of par and one extra point is awarded for each stroke below par. A half point is subtracted for each stroke above a net of par+5, except that no points are assessed beyond the value that would bring the total for the individual points category for the season to date to zero. At Leslie, this means a point for each stroke at or below net 36 and -0.5 points for each stroke at or above net 42, with the total never allowed to go negative.
Foursome Low Net One point is awarded for low net in your foursome. In case of a tie, the point is divided among the players tied for low net.
Natural Birdie Ten percent of your handicap or .5 points, whichever is greater. In addition, there is a supplement of .1 to .9 points depending of the difficulty of birdie hole. Course score cards are used to specify the hole difficulty with .1 additional birdie points given for the easiest hole in the round and .9 for the hardest.
Natural Eagles Double the natural birdie points, see above.


Teams, whether they play against scheduled opponents or not (see LATE STARTS section), are responsible for filling out Score Sheets and turning them in along with score cards at the end of each round of play.


The league handicap formula closely follows the USGA method for calculating handicaps. For each of the last ten scores, subtract course rating of the course played (actually, course rating divided by two for nine holes) and multiply by 113 divided by the course slope. Average the five best results (or up to half if less than ten scores are available), and multiply this by 96%. Multiply by the slope at the league course divided by 113.

If you have no handicap, the league strongly encourages you to establish one by playing six or more nine-hole rounds (preferably at a course used by the league) or submitting scores from rounds from the previous year or so. Submit your scores to the League secretary, along with the course rating and slope of the course played, so that your handicap may be computed prior to play. If you have a USGA handicap, you may submit that instead.

If you are not able to play enough rounds of golf to establish a handicap, you should submit any scores you do have. You may continue to submit scores played after the league starts until you reach 6 rounds. They will not affect rounds already played, but they will be used to submit handicaps for future rounds. Until you submit 6 scores or a USGA handicap, your handicap for each week will be set after the round is complete as your score minus 40. This will always produce a net score of 40.

There is no maximum handicap.


When computing strokes for a match for team scoring, the following procedure is used:

1. Determine TEAM HANDICAP by adding your team members' handicaps.

2. For the team with the higher handicap, distribute the DIFFERENCE by one stroke per hole, starting with the most difficult hole as determined by the scorecard. If the difference is greater than nine strokes, repeat until all strokes are distributed.

3. Winner of each hole is determined by adding raw scores for each team and subtracting any handicap due for that hole.

4. Low team net score is determined by adding raw scores and subtracting Team Handicap.

5. In case of a tie on any hole, or for most holes or low team net, each team scores a half point.


Should a scorecard be lost, the four players can reconstruct their scores to the best of their ability. If all players in the group agree on the reconstructed scores then these will be used in place of the actual scores received during league play. These scores must be turned in to the secretary before 9:00 AM the Tuesday morning following that week of play. Teams will get zero points in the case that no scores are turned in.


Golf league members are always eligible to participate as a substitute. Everyone else is eligible to participate as a substitute, providing his/her name has been added to the Sub List. This requires notification to the League Secretary prior to the match.

Substitute handicaps are computed by the formula stated above in the Handicap section.

Substitutes are eligible for league prizes if they paid the Membership Fee.

Team attendance points will be given to a substitute.

A substitute is expected to pay the greens fees to a league member for playing his/her round.


Each foursome will be assigned a tee time for league rounds. The league schedule will attempt to give each team a mix of early and late tee times, unless the team specifies that they would rather start late. Two foursomes may switch tee times if they both agree. Golfers missing their assigned tee time must catch up with their foursome and take a blind score for any holes missed.

If a team member arrives after the assigned tee off time, the player should join the team at the hole the team mate is currently playing. Handicap strokes will be applied from this point forward according to the handicap formula. Missed holes will be scored as described under NO SHOWS. Please indicate on the score card and score sheet the holes scored using the no show rule. In the event that a player cannot complete a round of golf, the remaining holes are also scored as described under NO SHOWS.


Missing players will be assigned a "blind score" of 6 over par, with a handicap of 0. The strokes are distributed as par on the three easiest holes, as defined by the ‘hole handicap’ value on the scorecard, and as one over par on each of the other six holes.

If a player arrives late or leaves early, score the missing holes based on a blind score of 6 over par plus the player’s handicap. The first ‘par’ strokes of the blind score are distributed as par for each hole. The remaining strokes are distributed one at a time, beginning with the most difficult hole as indicated by the ‘hole handicap’ value on the scorecard. Use the result for missed holes and actual score for holes played. Then use the player’s published handicap to score the match. The player does not forfeit team attendance points.


In the event that neither player from a team is able to play at the regularly scheduled time, the following procedure shall be used:

1. Makeup rounds are no longer permitted at Lake Forest Golf Club. Make every effort to obtain substitutes. League subs are listed regularly.

2. Advise your opponents of the problem. If unable to contact them, notify the League Secretary.

3. If no substitutes are available, and the team does not play, the opponents play against blind scores as outlined under NO SHOWS.


An officer of the League will determine if a rainout should be called. Rainouts will typically not be called until our first tee time, unless called by the course.


League fees are set annually by the Comshare Golf League Officers and board members. Non-Comshare members, as defined by the eligibility section, will be required to pay an additional amount in lieu of COMSAC subsidies. Payment of league fees are due before the golf season begins with checks made payable to Comshare Golf League. Substitutes may pay the fee and be eligible for all prizes and league functions.


The number of teams in the Golf league may be limited by available tee times. Applications are considered on first come, first served basis.


Trophies will be awarded for the top three places, both Team and Individual.


Winter rules will be used for all areas of the course. You may improve your lie in the fairway and rough (not on the green or in the sand traps please!), by moving the ball with your club face no more than 6 inches and no nearer the hole. Balls may not be picked up and dropped. Mulligans are not allowed.


League Rules may be amended by majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Be ready to golf at least five minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.

First person ready to shoot from the fairway, whether they are away or not, may go ahead as long as they have a clear shot. Preparation for a shot should overlap with other golfer's shots (e.g., club choice, practice swings).

Maximum strokes per hole is 5 over par. When you have reached that number and you still have not gone in the cup you must pick up your ball and proceed to the next hole. This is called an "Unnatural." Should you get one of these, please circle the score on your scorecard. If only one team gets an "Unnatural" then the other team wins the hole. If both teams have one "Unnatural" then score the hole as you normally would. If one team gets two "Unnaturals" on a hole, then the other team wins the hole. If both teams get two "Unnaturals" then nobody gets any points for the hole.

3 minute limit on searching for lost balls (or clubs).

Follow course rules for out of bounds. One stroke penalty and drop ball 2 club lengths from place where ball went out. No distance penalty. This rule also applies to a ball that a golfer considers unplayable because of being too close to an out of bounds fence.

If a ball is lost or unplayable, take a one stroke penalty and drop anywhere along the line of flight.

We recommend that the player putting continue putting until he has holed it.

Proper etiquette requires you to allow the next foursome to hit up before you putt out on par 3 holes. If this will help on other holes, please use this courtesy.